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Fultus offers a full book-keeping and payroll service

How often do you put off completing your VAT returns?  Do you hate year end when Payroll annual reports are due to HMRC?  Do you let your debtors and/or creditor levels build up as you fail to find the time to follow up outstanding invoices or settle your own bills?

When dealing with government bodies such as HMRC it is vital to file returns accurately and on time.  Failing to do so may result in your company incurring a fine.  By passing this over to Fultus, you gain doublefold - we take away the pressure associated with book-keeping and payroll and you receive a service which probably takes us a fraction of the time to complete, backed up with years of hands on experience.

Fultus can maintain a traditional paper-based or a full computerised system as determined by individual client need.

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