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Flexible Business Support Services

It is common place for small businesses to find themselves spending growing amounts of time on non-profit making activities such as administration, bookkeeping, credit control etc. 


Using Fultus allows you, the business owners to out-source whilst ensuring work is completed in a professional, efficient manner.  With over 25 years experience in financial and office management, Fultus appreciates the daily demands of business along with the need for an increasingly professional environment.


Fultus also offers support to the Third Sector in establishing and maintaining excellence in their governance practices. 


Consider the following questions 

  • Is your valuable time taken up by administration?

  • Are you missing deadlines for VAT, reports etc?

  • Do you need admin support for a few hours a week only? Or even on an ad-hoc basis?

  • Are you frustrated with the lack of time you are engaging in your specialist skills?

  • Are you trying to do everything yourself but getting nothing done?

  • Do you struggle with completing tax returns, composing letters, marketing your business or creating valid or appropriate reports?

  • Are you a charity/non-profit body struggling to meet the requirements of the Charity Commission for your governance structures

  • Are you a credit union supervisor and need expertise to assist in your increasingly complex role

  • Are you a credit union director and feel your board could benefit from guidance on governance structures


If you have answered yes to any of the above, then perhaps Fultus can help. 

Fultus offers a full Virtual Assistant (VA) service specialising in bookkeeping, payroll, financial controls and third sector governance.

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