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Fultus is owned and managed by Shelly McCaughey. 


Based in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Shelly holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with distinction, and Advanced Diploma in Management accounting from the Certified Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), a First Class Honours Degree in Business Studies, as well as IAB qualifications in bookkeeping, payroll and small business financial management. 


To complement these qualifications, Shelly has over 25 years experience in the financial/accounting and office management fields. 


More recently, Shelly has worked with the non-profit/third sector, particularly the Northern Ireland Credit Union sector in the area of governance.

Fultus offers a fully flexible service charging in increments of 15 minutes.  Rates start at only £25.00 per hour and there is no minimum hours which you must sign up to.  Pick and choose the areas you are weakest or need most support, determine hours and need to suit your individual requirements; whether its once a year or once a month, or just an hour here or there, Fultus is here to help.


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